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Re: CGI goddess RAPUNZEL from TANGLED appreciation thread.

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I guess I need to see it again, i was kinda disapointed with it, it just seemed so generic & cookie cutter. I know there's not much love for the 2d animated films Disney made during the 2000's(Atlantis,Treasure Planet, Brother Bear, Lilo & Stitch, etc...) but I actually thought those at least tried to do different things & break the norm.
Cookie cutter is NOT a description I would associate with TANGLED.
Here's a couple of points on why
FLYNN-the hero is an anti-hero. In the fairytale he was a he is a thief with sticky fingers until you guessed it...he meets Rapunzel.

The villain MOTHER GOTHEL is not some completly iredeemdable well "cartoon villian". She has an AMBIGUITY to her actions that sets her apart from say a Cruellla Devil.

The Animals (with great personality) do NOT talk.

Flynn, he was ok but I think they could have pushed his anti-heroness more. I knew the minute I saw him he was gonna end up a nice guy at the end.
Gothel was good (great design) but the animals? the horse... this is the same damn horse that appears in almost every 2d Disney film! there needs to be a moratorium on sidekick horses. and what was the point of the chameleon other than to sell plush toys?

Another thing that bugged me is that they ruined Alan Menken's songs for Rapunzel by turning them into pop drivel(switching Chenowith with Moore was a big mistake but hey I bet it helped sell more tickets to tweens like they wanted). Oh & I really think this movie should have been hand drawn & not cgi in the first place like it was orignally intended to be, but thats for another thread.
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