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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

11. Beltesassar Animation Festival 17 - A. Another excellent installment in this not-strictly-legal internet-only collection of animated shorts from around the world. All of the videos included this time around seem to be available for free online, so I don't mind dropping a plug. Favorites include Logorama, a blistering send-up of our advertisement saturated consumer culture; Get Out, a french film about a door-phobic shut-in; and Broken-Down Film, ostensibly a homage to the early days of animation, but where the scratchy, beaten-up film print itself becomes the antagonist.

12. Buried - B+. Makes good use of it's Hitchcockian premise.

13. How to Train Your Dragon - A. Has a lot of fun with viking and dragon tropes without being too cliche. Very well animated.
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