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Re: Ship sizes: ALL LIES! (big pics)

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You cite the Excelsior class. Okay, here's a cross section where the length of 469 meters is shown in 695 pixels, with 4 pixels for deck height. So (469/695)*4 ylelds 2.6954 meters (8.86 feet) deck to deck. That is a bit tight, but not severe. When I do these I usually determine number of decks looking at 3.5 to 4 meters deck to deck, whatever in that range can fit the exterior clues.

The most direct evidence for the Excelsior's size - the multi-deck hole in the Enterprise-B in Generations - suggests a ship of roughly 700 m.

Quoting from Ex Astris Scientia:

It is clearly discernible that three decks were ripped open; we can even see three people, namely Harriman, Scotty and Chekov, as they are standing behind a railing on the middle deck. When we compare the portion visible on screen to reference photos of the ship, we find that the three exposed decks correspond with the widest part between the two sharp edges of the Enterprise-B's hull broadenings (that were attached for the particular reason not to damage the Excelsior model). The said part is not quite as tall as the saucer rim which would occupy just two low decks of 3m at 467m. Consequently, the overall length of the ship rises by no less than 50% to 700m if there are really three decks of 3m each inside the hull extensions.
Ex Astris goes on to note:

On the other hand, it was mentioned that Captain Kirk would go down to deck 15, and Demora Sulu later reports that the hull breach is on decks 13, 14 and 15. If we go by the MSD, which does have relatively low decks and hence basically points to a big Excelsior as will be analyzed further down, these decks would all be located in the neck, at least six to eight decks above the position of the hull breach that we see on screen. This is a clear error that was not fixed in the final shooting script according to the artwork of the MSD. So we have to ignore either the spoken dialogue, or the MSD is wrong and the structure of the decks is not as it looks in the close shot of the hull breach.
Interestingly, however, the decks in question would be around 13, 14, and 15 if the decks were numbered from the top of the engineering hull. (The saucer decks, presumably, would be numbered (lettered) A-L, like on the NX-01 and in the 2009 movie. This is actually similar to current USN practice, which assigns leading zeros to decks in the superstructure to indicate that they are above the "main" deck, which is considered deck 1.) So the most conclusive evidence seems to support to a roughly 700 m Excelsior.
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