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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

This is true, I'm all for us being run sensibly, but at the moment we're not even frugal, we're the miser who turns the heating down and wears and extra sweater and reuses his Christmas cards!

I don't even thing the lack of season ticket sales will be noticed, I have a supicion that GSE have already primed the owners to expect a reduction in ticket revenue due to the recession rather than us being crap/badly run! That said the protests are being noticed by GSE at least, and unless things improve they will only get worse!

It's annoying because I don't think they'd have to do much to placate the fans.

I am starting to worry about Nigel though, I've backed him until now but some of his decisions of late seem curious to say the least, and though I didn't see the game Saturday I've heard that he just sat there looking defeated, looking like he didn't have an idea how to turn things around. I doubt GSE would have the balls to sack him and even if they did, whoever came in would have to work under the same restrictions.

I have a horrible feeling it's gonna get worse before it gets any better...
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