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Re: If you could have coffee with Kate Mulgrew what would you say?

"Kate.. I know you probably hear this all the time but.. I just want to thank you for your wonderful role as captain Janeway. You have given everyone in my family so much enjoyment. I have been a Star Trek fan for several decades and it is so wonderful to have a series with a woman captain in what is a male dominated franchise. You just light up the screen Kate! I love the way you played that character without the usual cliches, how much humour and life you brought to such a strong role. I've got a teenage son who loves Star Trek and I've started all his friends on Voyager.. It's very cool because they LOVE it and their first big sci fi love involves a woman captain. This is so much in contrast to everything else they watch, I feel like it chips away at the natural gender bias they absorb in all their media interests. I know it seems that I'm talking more about the character than about you but Janeway only works so wonderfully because of everything you brought to her. Thank you SO much.

Would you mind signing this napkin? The one you've left a bit of lipstick on?"

You and Hitler oughta get together
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