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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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we have only 18 fit players at moment so I would wish Billy would stop buying Strikers.
Yeah Billy's like that. In our last promotion season we were top of the table just after Christmas but injuries were thinning our squad out. Needed replacements all over the place but Billy just brought in a load of midfielders which was really the one area where we didn't need anyone! Ended up unbalancing the team and we clung on to third and went up in the playoffs.

Leicester at home for us, on the telly, hence que defeat.
A load of midfielders and full backs, one of whom was so lacking in match fitness that he was shite until the play off final (where fair dos Mears looked awesome!)

Clough seems obsessed with attacking midfielders at the moment, oh and now we're after a defender...seriously just what does he have against actual honest to God strikers? I sometimes wonder if it's because he was one of those curious not quite a midfielder/not quite a striker type of players that that's all he can relate too!

Another day, another loss, another protest (too small to make much noise yet, especially given that the people who own DCFC are never gonna hear about it.)
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