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Re: "Shaping a Cardassian" - characters

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I think his hair in a bit curly--rather an anomaly for a Cardassian--and after he combs it, it starts to do what it wants... I can almost hear a sound a spring makes when popping out of an old mattress when this happens
LOL, nice!!!

Even cats have a mutation like that once in awhile (wavy or curly hair), so why not a Cardassian?

It wouldn't be a problem if his hair were longer but...I think he likes it that way
It's his trademark!

I also added wrinkles under his ridges. I assumed that this also could be a place where, with age, skin gets deeper lines, as ridges have limited flexibility but still are in place and when a Cardassian face changes its expressions, the skin wrinkles there and with time that leaves signs.
That makes sense. At least in my universes, what's under the ridges is cartilage, and only that upper part of the eye ridges has any mobility--limited by human standards because of the cartilage, but serving the same purpose as a raised eyebrow.

BTW...what actor do you see as playing Albek?
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