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Re: Freeware Windows Applications

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If anyone os imterested in cataloging their book colelction There is a good freeware database for you called BookDB2.

Its fields include

Secondary Title
Author (2 fields - and you can tick authors as being editirs)
Book cost
Fiction/non Fiction
Publication details i.e publisher, year, edition, no of pages
Call number
Type of medium i,e paperback, hardback, references, Comic. Magazine, CD/DVD etc

It also allows you to assign categories and keep track of borrowings.

It has a Description and a Location field.

In a later edition a Contents field will be added.

My only real complaint is there is no Notes or Comdition field but I guess that could be included under description.

eLibrary is a simple, basic one that I use, though it has a few more features than BookDB2.
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