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Re: The latest "Alien" prequel rumours - Scott directing, in 3-D?

^ Yes there's so much mis information going on out there regarding all these Snow White competitions. So I guess we'll just have to wait and hear something from Theron to figure out which Snow White she is attached to, if any.

I keep getting ripped on the MFO forum because I think Prometheus is going to be about someone doing some experiments and what not with the xenomorphs or space jockey race. Scott, Fassbender, and Rapace would not use words like 'strands of alien DNA' and 'connecting vein' after reading the script unless they were implying something. The title itself akins to Frankenstein. I've been told I'm reading too much into these purely metaphor comments, but I definately think they are being tongue in cheek about it. In the video Fassbender called the aliens tall and then said he was too nervous to say more. I've always speculated on how the original ship crashed, didn't you?

Yeah, 'video killed the radio star' Remember that? What killed video, the internet? I just turned 30, can you tell?
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