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Re: Worst Star trek actor ever

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I actually thought Blalock was much better than Tim Russ. She wasn't bad at all.
I agree. She was really good.

I'd have to go with Beltran, too, but he did it on purpose.

Not that his acting was particularly bad, but does anybody have any idea exactly why John Cho was cast as Sulu? I mean, I see why they picked Pine, or Quinto, or Saldana, or Yelchin. They all (more or less) resembled their predecessors and/or brought something new to the role. I can't see that with Cho. His only resemblence to Takei is that they're both of Asian heritage, and that's it. Neither does he do anything in the movie that actually stands out (yes, Sulu did the fencing scene, but that was mostly done by a stuntman, not Cho).
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