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Re: Worst Star trek actor ever

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I forgot about Marina Sirtis. I think she got better, though; decent in the films.
I'm exact opposite, I thought she was fine in the series and then completely out of character in the films, especially Nemesis.

Also a lot of people pick on Jolene Blaylock, but I don't think it was the acting nearly as much as the way the characters was written.
Out of character compared to the series, but it seemed less like she was reading lines, going, "I feel great pain, or whatever."

I agree with you on Jolene. She was full Vulcan. They're stoic. She was fine.

Beltran sounds like oneo f my high schoolers reading from a textbook. Plus the character was bland on top of it.

Leonard Nimoy, Mark Lenard, and Tim Russ all did great jobs playing Vulcan characters. Her bad acting had nothing to do with her character being a Vulcan.
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