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The usual time slot for Power Rangers Samurai seems to be Sundays at noon Eastern. I caught the second aired episode about an hour ago. It had kind of an interesting premise -- a monster trying to trick a kid into giving up his dreams, the Rangers Kevin and Mia talking about their own dreams that they've had to put on hold. The concept that the Rangers have had to give up their families and lives and devote themselves entirely to Ranger training is an intriguing new element that offers a lot of character potential.

Unfortunately, the execution was very poor. The dialogue was quite badly written, and the actors aren't all that great. This is the first time we've gotten to see either female Ranger do anything significant, and while they're both moderately cute (particularly Mia), neither is a very good actress (particularly not the blonde -- Emily, is it?). The guy who plays Kevin is okay, but not excellent. As for the other two male Rangers, the ones featured last week, they're decent, but the guy playing Jayden is poorly cast for a Red Ranger. I find him kind of creepy, with a look better suited to a villain. When he smiles, it looks more like a sinister leer to me.

Bulk and Spike still serve no purpose beyond random slapstick insertions, and it does seem they'll be making a habit of reviving the "Bulk gets splattered" trope from MMPR's first season. And Spike's voice was even more annoying here than last week, if that's physically possible.

Basically, whatever potential I'm seeing here probably comes from the Japanese original, given how closely the episodes are evidently being adapted. The American translation is being handled rather poorly this time around. I'm fine with Saban getting the rights back, but they should've kept more of the creative staff from prior years. If, say, Jackie Marchand were writing these scripts, they'd be a lot more palatable.
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