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Re: CGI goddess RAPUNZEL from TANGLED appreciation thread.

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Special props to Disney for not going for BIG NAME VOICE talent...stuff like that didn't help coullosal misfires like MEGA MIND and YOGI...instead they gave the voice roles to people who could turn in great performances and you weren't hindered by "knowing" what the voice performer looked like and that allowed the characters to have a life of their own.
Mandy Moore is a pretty well-known singer-actress. Zachary Levi is the star of a popular NBC show (though I don't care for it), and Donna Murphy is a very big name in musical theater. Plus there were supporting roles played by well-known character actors Ron Perlman, Jeffrey Tambor, M. C. Gainey, and Brad Garrett. These are all well-known or at least familiar people, even if they're not A-list actors.

The original choices for Flynn and Mother Gothel were going to be Dan Fogler and Grey DeLisle. I've never heard of Fogler, and while I'm a big fan of DeLisle's voice work (she was Azula in Avatar: The Last Airbender among many other roles), she's unknown to the general public. So the film ended up with more of a "big-name" cast than it was originally going to have. (Rapunzel was going to be Kristin Chenoweth, who's pretty well-known, though whether she's more famous than Ms. Moore probably depends on what demographic you're polling.)
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