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Re: Speaking of models, here's another kitbash

Herkimer Jitty wrote: View Post
Yo Aridias, I'm happy for you, and imma let you finish, but Forbin has the best TOSified Miranda of all time!

Of all time!!!

aridas sofia wrote: View Post
Hey... I LOVE this design. Then again, I'm one of Forbin's biggest fans. I don't agree with it being a TOS Reliant, because I think it is more original than that. I'd probably have called it a light frigate because of the similarities though. In any event, it's a fantastic design and one I'd love to see drawn up in schematics.
Thanks! I'll probably get around to some orthos some day. I've been trying to do at least orthos of all my ships for a tech-manual0style book of my own. I'll probably never finish them all, though.

This little ship is actually based very loosely on Jackill's Lancer class light frigate (one of his prettiest designs EVAH!), but I figure the short nacelles would give it more destroyer-like performance. I may yet relent and call it a frigate.

The idea was just to take a bunch of Ziz's new resin parts and see what came out of it.
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