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Re: CGI goddess RAPUNZEL from TANGLED appreciation thread.

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I was driving past one of my local theaters one night after work and lol'ed at the sign - they had Tangled and Yogi Bear as two of the selections, but put them both on the same line, in that specific order. I might give it a shot if I have time.
TANGLED is definately the film that you would want to MAKE the time before. After spending a bit over an hour and a half with Rapunzel it will leave you wanting more!

It's a rare movie where everything came out RIGHT!

Special props to Disney for not going for BIG NAME VOICE talent...stuff like that didn't help coullosal misfires like MEGA MIND and YOGI...instead they gave the voice roles to people who could turn in great performances and you weren't hindered by "knowing" what the voice performer looked like and that allowed the characters to have a life of their own.
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