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So I"m flipping through the channels this morning and on Spike TV I find this show entitled Auction Hunters. Have only seen a few minutes of it so far, but it appears to be the EXACT same format as Storage Wars.

So has anyone else seen this show? Just watching for a few minutes, it comes off as a little less contrived than Storage Wars but I freely admit I haven't seen enough of it to really judge. I'm thinking I don't know which show came first, one seems to be a direct ripoff of the other.

EDIT TO ADD: OK, after watching it longer, I see it's not really the same format. This show focuses on a couple of guys as they travel around from auction to auction, not unlike American Pickers. Then it shows them actually selling the items they've bought.

So far I gotta say I'm enjoying this more. THIS is the format I kept wishing Storage Wars would follow.
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