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Re: Convention Circuit - Least Favorite Person Associated With Trek?

I haven't been to many conventions, but the two people I most enjoyed meeting were Levar Burton and Denise Crosby. Burton was cool because he would let fans take a picture with him for no charge, while Michael Dorn sitting right beside him wouldn't. As the friend I went with said: Burton is a classy guy.

Denise Crosby was great too. I wish I hadn't been so nervous around her, though. All I managed to say was, "it was nice to meet you" to which she responded, "it was nice to meet YOU!", sounding genuinely enthusiastic, as if I'm some big shot or something. Sweet lady.

To the person upset that Spiner was snotty in response to someone saying they were sad about Data being killed, consider the fact that it was partially, or maybe even entirely his decision (he had story credit on "Nemesis", so naturally he wouldn't care about that). I agree, though, that he should be a little more tactful than just smugly dismissing the statement because of Data being a fictional character.
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