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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian - Among the Dragons

Nerys Ghemor wrote: View Post
Tarkan came across as very blunt in his questioning--but ultimately well-intentioned.
He wanted answers to his questions, honest ones, to understand her better. His purpose wasn't to threaten her or anything. After all, he wants something from her
Nerys Ghemor wrote: View Post
And I'm amazed he didn't take the "frying pan" remark as an insult! I wonder if he took an anger management class after the "Slaughter them!" incident in the original Shaping a Cardassian story?
I think he had a lot to think about after that incident
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The exhibit--and the way people reacted to Kapoor's presence--was really beautiful.
Thanks. I thought that the Cardassians would try to save what they could from their 'artistic souls' and express it somehow. Even in a half-rebuilt city.
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