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Re: Convention Circuit - Least Favorite Person Associated With Trek?

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Anybody met Scott Bakula? I've heard he's a pretty easy going guy.
I've never met him, but I've got a story.

I was having dinner with some TBBS posters at a restaurant during a convention in LA once, and Bakula (or his agent) arranged for some champagne bottles to be sent to the table.

This was just after Enterprise had been cancelled, too, so it was a wonderful gesture.

I'd have to agree with T'Bonz about Blalock or whatever her name is. Her Q and A session was terrible. I thought she was either stoned, not very bright, or both.

As a life-long TOS obsessive, I was also a bit disappointed George Takei didn't even look up to acknowledge me when I said hello at an autograph line, particularly given the many stories I'd heard about how enthusiatic he is with fans. But there must have been 100 people wanting his signature in that line, so I can understand him wanting to get it over with. Also, his Q and A session beforehand didn't go smoothly, so maybe he was in a bad mood and just wanted to get out of there.

Compared with some of the stories in this thread, I have nothing to complain about though. I really feel for some of you guys. Discovering one of your heroes is a complete asshole is not pleasant.

All my other experiences were fantastic, including (luckily it seems), my short chats with Shatner.

Must agree also with the poster who mentioned Gary Lockwood - very cool guy, and will talk for ages with you.

But my all time favourite? TOS producer Bob Justman. I'd always admired him and his massive contribution to Star Trek. I was thrilled when he turned out to be funny, quirky, intelligent and down to earth. He seemed genuinely thrilled when I pulled out my old battered copy of his book Inside Star Trek to sign. He talked with me for much longer than he should have, holding up the line and coming over to chat when his autograph session finished.
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