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Re: Jennifer Aniston: Babe of the week #7 (Feb. 2011)

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OK, for the first time, I'm the one who is honestly perplexed by the voting.

Jennifer Aniston is a goddess and she only has 64%?

I dunno. This one I can understand. I think calling her a "goddess" is over stating her looks a bit, really skinny women seldom fare well in these things, being in her 40s isn't likely helping her cause any, there's a lot of "baggage" with her with things like being a smoker and her life in the media and then there's the baggage of her career with it being "popular" anymore to dislike Friends and Aniston's post-Friends career hasn't been spectacular. So I can see why the votes wouldn't be so favorable to her.
This sums up the situation very well. Ms Aniston has an ordinary pretty quality about her, much like Sally Field. Coupled with her career past, and the paparazzi and there develops over-exposure of an actress of good quality with a resume too thin on solid success. The perception develops of her not being all that much.
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