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Star Trek songs

I'm scouring the internet and Youtube for all the songs I can find based on Star Trek. Fansongs and parodies, I suppose. I'm compiling a list, and other people might want to see a list as well. Who knows some? [Please mark songs that are explicit as so when you're listing them. ]

I've found a few so far:
- The Picard Song -
- [Explicit] The TNG Rap -
- [Explicit] The Positronic Pimp (by Futuristic Sex Robotz) -
- Sixteen Hours on the Voyager Set... (by Robert Picardo) -
- Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (by Robert Picardo) -
- Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (by Robert Picardo) - (Skip to 1:36 to get to the song itself )
- Star Trek The Next Generation Episode Guide Song -
- The Worf Song -
- The Riker Song [Frame of Mind] -
- The Picard Alphabet Song -
- [Explicit] Worf's Revenge (Klingon Rap) (by Voltaire) -
- [Explicit] The USS Make S**t Up (by Voltaire) -
- [Explicit] The Sexy Data Tango (by Voltaire) -
- [Explicit] Screw The Okampa (I Wanna Go Home) (by Voltaire) -

Oh gee, I hope I didn't cover all of them already.

[Psst. Robert Picardo is epic. ]

Any songs you know to add to the list?
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