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Re: CGI goddess RAPUNZEL from TANGLED appreciation thread.

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"Wall-E" was okay, but I didn't like the left-leaning political stuff hiding away in a few parts.
What "left-leaning" stuff? Do you mean the environmental message? Did you know Richard Nixon founded the EPA? And of course Teddy Roosevelt was big on preserving nature. Before Reagan turned the Republicans into the party of big business, they were the pioneers of the environmentalist movement, seeing conservation as a logical outgrowth of conservatism. It's not a partisan message that it's a good idea to keep our home clean and livable. It's just common sense.

And one could just as easily read a "right-leaning" message into the film's critique of the effortless, coddled life aboard the starship; that could be seen as an allegory for the welfare system, with the message being that people need to reject handouts and embrace hard work.
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