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Re: CGI goddess RAPUNZEL from TANGLED appreciation thread.

The last post i remember from you clearly was your remarking how AMC got caught flat footed by only ordering SIX episodes of the WALKING DEAD and I remember thinking how right you were about that..
I'll give them a pass on that. They have a high falutin' audience that might not go for genre stuff, horror isn't notably successful on TV and I can't recall ever seeing a zombie TV series. Plus they don't know when they order a show if it'll be good or garbage, or whether the quality will even matter to the ratings. The Walking Dead was a massive (and gutsy) risk for them, and it's understandable if they wanted to be cautious. Networks have done far far stupider things, that's for sure.

"Wall-E" was okay, but I didn't like the left-leaning political stuff hiding away in a few parts.
Fie, I say, fie! WALL*E was a masterpiece of unparalleled dimensions!
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