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Re: CGI goddess RAPUNZEL from TANGLED appreciation thread.

Christopher wrote: View Post
I agree, Glen Keane's Rapunzel is a gorgeously executed character, both from a "Damn, what a hot babe" perspective and from a "Wow, that's superb character animation" perspective. I'm normally not a fan of Disney fairytale/musical films, but I wanted to see this one because I was so captivated by Rapunzel in the commercials.

Still, I only saw it because the sound system broke down when I went to Tron: Legacy, so I picked it as my backup plan. Glad I did. It's an excellent movie all around, and I'm saying that as someone who doesn't like Disney stuff as a rule. It was basically doing a Disney-style story with a Pixar sensibility -- and I don't just mean CGI, I mean the style of writing, characterization, and humor that John Lasseter brought to Pixar and has now evidently brought to Disney -- and it worked very well.

Am I the only one who thought that Rapunzel's frying pan made a much more entertaining "sidekick" than the chameleon? I dug the frying pan.
Sure, you have to love the Frying Pan-it got almost as much screen time as everyone else. And the Rapunzel using the frying pan to SPOILERS.... try and free them in the flooding tunnel was the moment I knew she was no typical damsel in distress but genuine heroine in her own right-that impressed me!

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Thanks for answering. I think the dollar theater here has it right now.

"Wall-E" was okay, but I didn't like the left-leaning political stuff hiding away in a few parts.
Man, if you have the opportunity to see this movie for a buck than believe me it will be some of the best value you'll get out of a dollar anytime soon. One hour and forty minutes of genuine entertainment beautifully rendered.
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