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Re: Supernatural Season 7? Maybe ... And general CW spoilers

THis is funny
Tom Welling agreed to come back for this season so it would be double digits, and because they backed the money truck up to his door. He's been wanting to leave for the last three years (I was told), and with the success of his other series Hellcats, he's no longer in a position where he would have to continue as an actor.
OK, let me make this very clear Mr. Welling (unless he is doing more coke then Charlie Sheen) doesn't need another revenue source from anything to retire extremely comfortably for the rest of his natural life.

His salary for just this year will end up being 5.775 million dollars. Since season 6 he has made significantly larger amounts of money. And could have retired at the end of season 5 and been quite comfortable. He also gets cuts for off net reruns, overseas airings, percentage of DVD and BLu-Ray sales all based on his base salary of that specific year. He needs Hellcats about as much as I need another cheeseburger.
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