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Re: CGI goddess RAPUNZEL from TANGLED appreciation thread.

tharpdevenport wrote: View Post
IS it free of hidden political messeges (left or right)? Does it tie up nicely?

It's not ridiculous humor like later seasons of "The Simpsons"? Something mroe mature, like say Pixar films (in general)?

There is no political message, no bodily function humor...nothing like has a exciting and sharply written (and funny storyline) filled with interesting well rounded characters and without spoiling too much the "villain" of the film Mother Gothel is the most complex antagonist Disney has ever created. There was much debate about the subject on IMDB Tangled forum thread whether she is truly evil or not.

In any other year where there was no TOY STORY 3-this movie would have been nominated and probably won for best animated film. It just had the bad luck to come out this year and go against a "sibling"film from the PIXAR division.

Temis the Vorta wrote: View Post
It's that good, huh?

Zachary Levi voices the guy, I was going to see it for that alone. But DVD is fine for me.
It WAS that good and a don't miss. I believe the DVD will be out end of March. Well worth the rental Temis.

P.S. I always enjoyed seeing you pop up on the TWOP boards!
Sawyer on LOST-The Long Con

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