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Re: Exploring the Uncharted Territories: A Farscape Viewing Experience

- I wish this DVD had been released by the same company that did the series DVDs, because I don't care much for the menus.

- In "preparation" of sorts for this movie, I went to YouTube and watched a video containing the different opening credit sequences for the series. I wanted a "proper" Farscape feeling going in.

- CGI Rygel was wrong. I don't care if it was the best way to accomplish his underwater scenes, I only want a frelling puppet.

- I really liked Sikozu's new outfit, though I think she looked better with long hair.

- Loved that Crichton and Aeryn both immediately drew and pointed their pulse pistols after being reintegrated, and how they both switched back to easy banter once weapons were put away.

- Crichton & Aeryn's child ending up in Rygel was pure Farscape insanity - and brilliantly amusing.

- Go figure D'Argo would be even more nervous than John during the aborted wedding ceremony near the beginning.

- Pilot's voice sounded different, yet Lani Tupu is still credited as the voice actor. Did the production team do something different with his voice in this movie?

- So good to see "the girls," as Crichton would call them (Sikozu and Chiana), in action side-by-side again during the defense mercenary attack on Moya.

- Jool's entrance was a little odd, and not least for her jungle woman appearance. She never struck me as being interested in Crichton while she was traveling on Moya. Still, it's nice to see another old crewmember brought back for this movie... even if she was brought back, only to die off-screen through Scarran attack. I was hoping she'd have more involvement, though I suppose the already-large size of the crew precluded much more than she was given on Arnessk.

- Chiana's new eyes were a little too helpful. Between seeing through walls on Moya and pinpointing the best targets on the Scarran flagship, these new eyes feel like a mini deus ex machina.

- If it had succeeded, the Eidelon ability to "influence peace" would have been the big deus ex machina, of course. I would've been a little more willing to accept this one, however, because it does at least feel somewhat earned, considering Arnessk was at least previously introduced early in season four.

- So, Sebaceans were once humans. Can't say I'm too surprised by that; Farscape was, after all, hardly the first series to have "displaced" human descendants.

- Awesome to see Jothee again, even more so than Jool, since his departure from Moya and D'Argo hadn't exactly been on the best of terms. I'm glad they had a chance to talk about the Jothee/Chiana affair, even if it was only a brief conversation. Pretty cool to see a squad of Luxan warriors in action, too.

- Only on Farscape could someone have a baby put inside them during the middle of a firefight. Only on Farscape would someone give birth while under siege in a war-torn city. "Shooting makes me feel better!"

- One of the "little" touches that I especially liked were the brief flashes throughout the movie forward to battle-damaged Moya and injured John lying on a bed, with accompanying voiceover quotes from later conversations. I thought that combination really helped sell the overall atmosphere of the background war.

- I found John's first conversation with Pilot about building the wormhole weapon to be particularly poignant, and I especially liked Pilot's wry "So you'll be starting with me" remark when John pulled out Winona to help make his point about guns pointed at his head.

- Most of the good conversations in this movie were brief, unfortunately necessary due to the runtime and the plot's need to keep moving forward. Chiana's agreement to move to Hyneria with D'Argo is one exception. I was very happy for both of them that she had decided to do so, and I think she had finally reached a point in her life where she genuinely was ready to settle down. Alas, that was not to be.

- Between Talyn and D'Argo Sun-Crichton, Chiana should start considering a career as a midwife (even if she didn't finish helping Aeryn).

- I had grown to rather like Sikozu, so I'm disappointed that she turned out to be the traitor. It was fitting, though, that Scorpius was the one to determine she was and confront her.

- How oddly fitting it felt that John and Aeryn's wedding "ceremony" should finally happen at the same time as their child was being born. Laughed both times Aeryn slapped Stark when he started out with the wrong prayers. Also feels right that the wackiest member of the crew should be the one to preside over the wedding.

- Part of me hates that Crichton and company had to fight beside PKs in this war considering the PKs have been the enemy since the very start of the series. On the other hand, I have to agree with the PKs that the Scarrans are even worse. At least the PKs started out as a benevolent organization was; with proper leadership, perhaps they could become such again in the future. Scarrans simply want to conquer and dominate, and there's not really any working with that.

- D'Argo's death was one of only two things I remembered from the first time I saw PK way back when it originally aired (the other was the birth of John & Aeryn's child). Even knowing it was coming, though, didn't make it any less painful. At least he went out the way he wanted to - defending his new family. "You're the closest friend I have." "You could have done better." "Nowhere in the universe."

- Moya taking off from underneath the planet's ocean was a great majestic shot. After four seasons and a movie, I still love looking at that ship.

- The sight of the black hole ripping Qujaga and the Scarran & PK fleets apart was... horrifying, yet also disturbingly beautiful. Crichton really did step up the scale of destruction from his previous "successes."

- Aeryn screaming over John's body after the wormhole weapon was destroyed felt like it ripped my heart apart. Phenomenal work right there by Claudia Black, continued impeccably in her speech to the comatose John a few scenes later.

- Fully satisfied with the way PKW concluded the series. I avoid rating television series because I find it too difficult, but I can say that Farscape is now up there for me with B5, BSG, DS9, and TOS as one of my favorite science fiction series.
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