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CGI goddess RAPUNZEL from TANGLED appreciation thread.

DISNEY still has its juice!

Even as new movies like todays GNOMEO and JULIET opens TANGLED is still playing since THANKSGIVING! And its within the shatter of being a 200 million dollar hit domestically and double that internationally.

TANGLED was its 50th animated film and perhaps the best one of them all and that is in a large part due to the character of RAPUNZEL.

Talk about the perfect storm of animation, writing and voice talent giving birth to a fantastic creation.

I'm the first to admit as a single gentleman in his early '40's I was NOT the target audience for this movie but every now and then I like to shake things up and step away from sci/fi and action movies for something different and I am very glad I went to this fantasy film or I would have never discovered the charming character of RAPUNZEL.

DISNEY should be commended by this ANTI-SHREK movie-no pop culture references-winking at the audience...just a timeless well told tale featuring likable characters and perhaps the most gorgeous CGI beauty ever created as this picture illustrates...

And if you like that I discovered a whole trove of them at ..I don't know...a Rapunzel shrine site for lack of a better term. Definetly worth a look.

Click here: http://rapunzelpictureparadise.wordp...-from-tangled/

Sawyer on LOST-The Long Con

"Looks like the good folks of Island Town are roundin' up a possy and I bet Jack leads the charge in a big white hat."
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