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Re: Jennifer Aniston: Babe of the week #7 (Feb. 2011)

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Is this a trick question?
Wow, only 65% as of right now. I'm absolutely shocked. I'm not one of these people that thinks just because I like something means I think everybody else should too, but this really shocks me. I just thought JA was widely regarded as one of THE Hollywood hotties.

Wow, I'm speechless.
At least its better than when I signed off last night and she was under 50%. I think maybe this is one of those instances like Lindsay Lohan where people are judging her more for other things than her sheer looks. Like how much they couldn't stand Friends.

I see. I guess I'm just too much of a shallow pig, because for me, the BOTW threads are strictly about do I find them physically appealling or not. I could give a crap about personality, shows they've been in, etc. (Hell half of them I've never even heard of before.) And in her case I definitely find her VERY physically appealing.
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