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Re: Jennifer Aniston: Babe of the week #7 (Feb. 2011)

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She was gorgeous in her Friends heyday and she's aged well, so thumbs up.

Was at her cutest in about S2 of Friends, but she's definitely kept herself in good nick. Hot.
Indeed. I thin around S4 both her and Courtney Cox fell to the trend at the time and went all Calista Flockhart, dumped all of their weight and became stick figures. I think Aniston found the better balance between being under-weight and being "over weight." One of the better scenes in Friends I remember that showed off Aniston at her hottest was in I think S3 in an episode where the gang is getting ready to go to a party, the whole episode takes place in "real time" and towards the end Aniston is nice-fitting dress with a good degree of slink to it and even admits to going "commando."

Very sexy.

I don't think age has been entirely kind to her but she's still not too terrible looking for a woman in her early forties which is why I gave her an up. But that up is more based on the Aniston of the 90s than the Aniston of today.
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