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Re: Exploring the Uncharted Territories: A Farscape Viewing Experience

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As long as it's not as bad as the disaster of the mess that the Dead Like Me DVD movie is PW will be fine.
I still haven't gotten around to watching that, despite having a copy of it for over a year. Now that I've read this post, I'm thinking I might just keep my fond memories of Dead Like Me series proper, and ignore the DVD-movie.

Don't watch it.

it is so awful I can't describe how bad it is in words, it's just one of the worst things I have ever seen in my life. I wish I could erase my memory of that movie ever being made. Don't ever watch it. There are new characters, they suck, recasts, they suck, missing characters, no Waffles, the movie wasn't filmed in the same area so the office was much brighter, the cemetery has way too many trees and is just weird.

The movie is worst than Star Wars prequels, worst than the odd Star Trek movies, Nemesis and the new Star Trek, Enterprise and Voyager all combined.

Avoid it, burn the DVD, don't even sell it because then another fan will watch it.

And after you do that send me PKW.
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