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Re: Exploring the Uncharted Territories: A Farscape Viewing Experience

Bonzo the Fifth wrote: View Post
Harvey's return was rather epic, I have to say. I've really come to love him as a character in his own right, and, frankly, the Nosferatu reference was long, long, LONG overdue, and done masterfully...
Actually, the Nosferatu reference is a throwback all the way to Scorpius' first appearance in "Nerve" where Crichton called him that (in fact, I think that was the very first nickname he gave Scorpius, even before "Scorpy," which I believe Stark coined).

Bonzo the Fifth wrote: View Post
- That the flowers the Scarrans desire grow on Earth is another nice way of tying elements together and making Earth relevant to the larger galaxy, apart from any revenge one faction might wish to exact on Crichton by attacking the planet.
Speaking of this, on my recent rewatch, I realized for the first time that those flowers have been a recurring motif around Scorpius almost from the beginning. Somehow I completely managed to miss this before, but, especially on the scenes on the command carrier, you see them rotating around in his private quarters...

I wonder if that was the plan all along, to have these Earth plants be so important to the Scarrans....
The flowers also appear in "Incubator" sometime during the recounting of Scorpius' past, although I can't recall the exact moment (but I want to say on the planet where his mother was raped).
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