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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - A Marathon Re-visit.

MORTAL COIL - 4x12 - 3/5

Hooray! Neelix is dead! Except he didn't get credited with "Special Guest Appearance by Ethan Phillips as 'Neelix'" so of course he won't be dead for long.

Seven's Borg medical knowledge that resurrects Neelix is cool 'n all but of course this ability never comes up again. Voyager's going to lose a few more crew members between now and Endgame and of course Seven won't lift a Borg finger to save any of them.

Complaints aside, I feel sorry for Neelix in this episode. He undergoes a crisis of faith which is yet another interesting development for his character. Unfortunately, like what happens more often that not in Voyager, a serious issue gets a pretty pat ending.

Episode gets bonus points for stating that the Kazon are so shit, the Borg wouldn't assimilate them.
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