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Re: Exploring the Uncharted Territories: A Farscape Viewing Experience

Yeah, I still remember watching Bad Timing for the first time.... I was elated with the ending until the shocking swerve that happened in the last scene... I was still literally howling from the injustice of it all when my roommates came in on me tearing at the walls over that horrific ending...

Yeah, the wait until the miniseries was maddening...

Really, the series has a gift for taking tried and true storytelling devices that, with many lesser series, would have fell flat or failed miserably and managing to make it work. Farscape has a real talent for that that I've seen in very few series not touched by Joss Whedon (though to be fair, I love Farscape more than I even love Firefly... now there's a fantasy crossover I'd kill to see done well).

As for Aeryn's prayer... you're right, it's something that might have been a real OOC moment, given her self-sufficiency, but in this case, I agree, it's a moment for her character... especially since her motivation even in this extremity was not at all selfish. her concern was for her child and for John. I can't imagine Aeryn would ever pray for herself, but find it completely believable that she would for her offspring and her love...

The only thing about that that kind of threw me was the 'genetic memory' business regarding Aeryn's baby. So we're supposed to believe that Chrichton Jr.'s going to have all of John's wormhole knowledge in his head? That I found a little hard to swallow. Other than that, though, I found the series ending arc quite satisfying.

Harvey's return was rather epic, I have to say. I've really come to love him as a character in his own right, and, frankly, the Nosferatu reference was long, long, LONG overdue, and done masterfully... though my favorite has to be the Easter Bunny fight in 'Bad Timing'.

Either you believe and, therefore bunnies are unnecessary, or you don't. In which case - CHOCOLATE?
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