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Supernatural Season 7? Maybe ... And general CW spoilers

I had the opportunity to speak at length with one of the executives of the location CW affiliate tonight, and I asked if there was any news or spoilers they could share about the series finale of Supernatural.

"There are," this person said. "But it may not be the series finale after all."

The two leads are contracted through the end of this year. They have agreed to a one-year contract extension, provided that the original team of writers (whoever they have on board this season) continues for that one final season. It would also be written into the contract extensions that this would be it, May 2012 would be the series finale. The writers as a group haven't decided whether or not to come back, so the CW is offering a pile of cash for each of them.

If the writers say yes, it'll have one final season (not like this final season, or last year's final season, apparently), with the goal to wrap up the series.

Smallville, on the other hand, is done. Tom Welling agreed to come back for this season so it would be double digits, and because they backed the money truck up to his door. He's been wanting to leave for the last three years (I was told), and with the success of his other series Hellcats, he's no longer in a position where he would have to continue as an actor. He may have as many as three new series on the air by this time next year, all being executive produced by him, with the possibility of being a director too.

I dunno about that last bit, though. I suffered through a few minutes of Hellcats, just because I generally like Ashley Tisdale, and couldn't stand this series. Is it really doing well? Or is that more "doing well for a network that averages three viewers on a good night?"

So what do you think? Would you want yet another "final" season of Supernatural? Or should it be staked in May?
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