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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian - Among the Dragons

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The one thing I wonder, though...does Karama really, truly understand that it was his behavior that caused the misunderstanding with Kapoor's dad?
He tensed. It is a sensitive subject for him. Why? Kapoor doesn't know.
I think most of all he is ashamed of this incident and of his behaviour. If he think that Kapoor's dad's reaction was only to this incident--I don't think so. Karama knows that it is a huge part of it, but he believes not only that. It's the general opinion the Cardassians have--that's why he wanted to let Mr. Kapoor fume and then try to talk to him to fight the stereotype and the negative impression of his as a person.
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I'm amazed Jarol is going to let Kapoor write a final, uncensored report. And I am doubly amazed that Starfleet did not tell her that her resignation would not be accepted--or issue a warrant for her arrest. They could have had her extradited as a criminal. Especially a hard-case admiral like Nechayev. Why did she not do that?
Data couldn't be stopped from resigning from SF (they had to force him to submit to Maddox's experiment by establishing that Data was a thing, property and not a person), so I assume that they can't refuse a resignation. Service in SF is voluntary, not obligatory, so a person can choose if they want or don't want to serve.

Nechayev didn't just give up, she has plans for Kapoor. Those plans will fail completely, but she doesn't know that yet. And Kapoor will never know (some background info that will never be in the story, but helps me make sense of it). Nechayev hopes that with time, when Kapoor cools down a little, they could recruit her as a spy.
Nerys Ghemor wrote: View Post
As for why Jarol is being "gentler" it because Kapoor is temporarily a civilian?
I think she was in exceptionally good mood

As for the report: Jarol doesn't think she has anything to hide. They had a coup. The government on Cardassia changed and this is a fact. She is not ashamed of what they had done.
And she trusts that Kapoor will write the truth.
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