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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian - Among the Dragons

This is very, VERY sad to read, how her family reacted. Karama's right that they're scared and upset, but in my opinion that still does not justify their behavior.

The one thing I wonder, though...does Karama really, truly understand that it was his behavior that caused the misunderstanding with Kapoor's dad? NOT the racist rant--that was all Mr. Kapoor--but the underlying misunderstanding. Do you think he feels guilty about that? Because Ullmann's way of perceiving things was, in my opinion, justified. What Gil Karama did was beyond the pale, something no sentient being should EVER threaten towards another. We saw that he grew beyond that, of course, but Ullmann wasn't around for that growth, so as far as she is concerned, it didn't happen.

I'm amazed Jarol is going to let Kapoor write a final, uncensored report. And I am doubly amazed that Starfleet did not tell her that her resignation would not be accepted--or issue a warrant for her arrest. They could have had her extradited as a criminal. Especially a hard-case admiral like Nechayev. Why did she not do that?

As for why Jarol is being "gentler" it because Kapoor is temporarily a civilian?
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