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Re: Shane Black might write and direct "Iron Man 3"

^ He's been hired for movies (Doc Savage, Death Note) which so far haven't gotten off the ground and he wrote a draft for Lethal Weapon V which didn't happen because Mel didn't want to return (who knows, he might yet).

My take is that Marvel clearly are taking a wiser approach than DC and WB, who seem to think that when a director has a hit with one superhero movie (X-Men, Batman) it automatically makes him right for another (Superman).

Whereas Whedon and Black are hugely talented writers and directors who may not have been troubling the multiplexes over the last few years but clearly have the abilities to make a great Iron Man or Avengers movie, regardless of recent box-office successes. So I'm glad Marvel are being more-open minded than 'how big/ when was his last hit?'
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