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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract -- Part II

Worrying developments for Icheb. He seems to see the point and reason of what Bashir is trying to tell him. Icheb can understand the danger of the connection - Bashir presents it basically in black and white so he cannot refute it - however, if I go back to the drug addict analogy, I'm sure many an addict is sure that continuing the drugs is a bad idea initially, but the temptation to share such an experience again becomes such that reason does not hold any sway over their actions. One wonders and worries how Icheb will fare; and will power alone be enough for him to exercise caution and patience.

Meantime, Adele finds herself turning to Telek to run the ideas past him. In part, she cannot trust Icheb's eagerness and she doesn't have her chief engineer to hand [not to mention those senior officers missing aboard the Sol and Luna]. So she finds she is running the idea past Telek who makes his stance very clear. It seems she only needed a second opinion but it seems telling that she now has to ask someone else instead of trusting her instincts. very telling given her empathic, emotional guidance in different affairs yet now she is asking for corroboration for the path to take.
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