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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

14. YPF: C- (YPF=Young People F*&^ing)
15. The Beautiful Truth: B-
16. Strictly Sexual: C+
17. DOOM: C

Strictly Sexual - this was a Buffy TVS reason for watching as it stars Amber Benson. It was a decent movie really and has the most amount of clothed sex scenes in a movie that I think I've seen in some time.

DOOM - this movie felt like a type of cross between Resident Evil and Stargate. At least co-opting themes anyway. The infectious alien chromosome that transforms you like a zombie/vamp bit would. Then there is the ARC, a space jumping device. All in all the movie wasn't bad. Played the typical beats one should expect from this type movie. The only homage to the video game I recognized was a 10min sequence near the end where you see the gun in the foreground going through the shoot/reload sequence.

Next up hard disk is Men in Black II which I haven't seen in 9 yrs. With MIB:III filming I'm rewatching. Bought MIB on Black Friday for $4 and renting pt.II for now. Not sure what but I may stream something also.
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