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Re: Comic Caption Contest Returns!! "Me, Myself and Alternate I"

Eyepatch Riker: "Command is all about image, man. Your tight-waisted officer thing doesn't work for ya, man. I mean, it might have worked for Johnny Luck, but not you, bro. Look at what I'm wearing, dude. I'm like a cross between Dash Rendar, MacGyver, and Nick Fury. Who's gonna want a phaser to the face from that?"

RJ: "Are those... tassels?"

Spock: "As you made a query earlier, we have provided extensive calculations and visual aid. In short-"

Mirror Spock: "In short, this diagram explains in great detail, why we cannot have nice things."

Shatner: "It's Mellvarr! Run!"

Kelley: "Not again..."
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