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Re: Favorite Voyager Videos

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Technical question to my vidders, why do so many of the clips seem "enhanced" colorwise/clarity wise. It was almost like watching something in high def, but voy wasn't filmed that way and my computer screen is set the same for all youtube vids.
Most other editing programs (including Vegas, Virtualdub, Premiere, Final Cut, After Effects, etc. etc.) have several filters that can be applied to the video clips to turn up the color saturation and balance the contrast and stuff. There are also some filters that help reduce the "noise" that comes from the film grain.

In my opinion, VOY's colors are really, really desaturated and dull at times. Season 4's the worst offender, I think. Year of Hell is a gray mess. So a lot of people, myself included, use those filters to tweak the colors and try and brighten up the clips or, in the case of the Innuendo video, turn up a certain color to give some ambiance. It's sort of our amateur way of "remastering" the clips. (Actually, even worse, is that some of the areas where they inserted special effects in the show got really, really messed up - try watching some of the interior scenes on Dragon's Teeth on a high-def television.)

I go one step further and re-crop the clips so that I can have my stuff in 16:9 because those black bars on the sides drive me batty. The clips lose some fidelity and their original composition, but at least I can sleep at night.

It's a challenge to vid with clips from older shows - I think it takes a whole lot more work on the vidder's end to really make something interesting.
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