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Re: AVENGERS - movie Discussion, News, Interviews, Pics till release 2

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While no plot has been leaked or alluded to for The Avengers the common assumption is that the story would follow the one that brought the team together in the first place. That being that Loki, to debut in the Thor movie, manages to manipulate the Hulk into doing his bidding by some means.

Honestly, that's always seemed like a rash assumption to me. When have superhero movies ever adapted the actual first issue of the comic book?

I don't recall Michael Keaton or Christian Bale investigating the Case of the Chemical Syndicate, or Tobey Maguire fighting the Chameleon, or the Fantastic Four debuting against the Mole Man. Or Magneto attacking Cape Canaveral in his first battle against the X-Men.

Typically, the movie versions cherrypick the best bits and characters from the entire run of the series, instead of slavishly adapting issue #1. Which makes sense, since it typically takes several issues for all the classic elements of the comic book to fall into place.

The first SPIDER-MAN comic, for instance, didn't feature Mary Jane, J.J.J, or the Green Goblin, all of whom were introduced later.

So I'm not sure why anyone would assume that the AVENGERS movie is going to follow the plot of the first issue?
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