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Re: Convention Circuit - Least Favorite Person Associated With Trek?

We saw Roxann Dawson and Robert Duncan MacNeill together. They were both very nice. She is the tiniest little thing!
Sounds cool. I would love to meet Roxann myself, though not sure If its going to happen anytime soon.
Would love to ask her more about her experiences as a director and so on.

I have sadly been only in couple of conventions( both CzechTrek ones) but at least I have had good time on both
I have met the following actresses:

Marina Sirtis
She was really cool, wonderful and looked great
Told many interesting and funny stories, made good hearted fun of her fellow castmember..and also about herself.
When was time for me to get her autograph, I was so nervous and excited, that I managed to say only "Thank you, very much" to her.
The funniest and most memorable thing happened during the photosession. Its my turn and I go next to her, place my hand around her back(gently)..and the camera goes flash!..and I quickly head towards the rooms exit, when I hear Marina yelling "Wait..Come back".
It seems that the photo didint succeed, because I blinked on the wrong moment..thus we needed to take another one...and still a third one. I thanked her and we parted company.
(My girlfriend joked that I did the blinking on purpose, so I could stay at Marinas side a little bit longer)

Nana Visitor
I met Nana Visitor last year.
She was absolutly wonderful, warm..and so much fun
The "submarine sex" joke that she made about the translator really bought the house down , right from the start.
Nana was seriously happy to be in Czech..and told many interesting stories from DS9..and from her current life also.
During the autographing I chatted a with her a bit It was really like meeting an old friend. She was very open and friendly towards everybody, even if some people chatted with her quite a while.
The photosession was good also.
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