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Re: Convention Circuit - Least Favorite Person Associated With Trek?

I have met almost everyone over the years.

Shatner is a douchebag. That's all I have to say about that.

Dominic Keating was a drunken mess. He was loudly giving the waitress a hard time in the 4:00 in the afternoon! BUT...with the fans he was great. So different than his character.

We saw Frakes and Sirtis together. They were both wonderful. Very open and friendly. She's hilarious. And not to be trifled with! She and I had a conversation about Nemesis, and she had plenty to say about that. She is one of my favorites.

John de Lancie was entertaining, but a bit...haughty.

One celeb I did not care for was Suzie Plakson. She was very stand offish, and not very polite. I went up to her table in the dealer's room and attemtped to engage her in conversation, and I got one word answers and the death stare. No one else was there at her table, and I still felt like I was interrupting her.

We saw Roxann Dawson and Robert Duncan MacNeill together. They were both very nice. She is the tiniest little thing!

My daughter and I met Gates McFadden, and she was great. My daughter was having her picture taken with her, and the camera malfunctioned. Instead of sending her away, Gates sat there and engaged her in conversation, and remembered her all throughout the weekend.

Nana Visitor was very funny and very sweet. She's a total space cadet. Extremely fan-friendly.

And of course, another of my favorite encounters was with Kate Mulgrew. I loved Captain Janeway, and meeting her was a real treat. She is something else. The energy coming off her is palpable.

There are lots more, but I think those are the highlights. Almost everyone we've met has been at least nice and professional, and many are just great.
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