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Re: Exploring the Uncharted Territories: A Farscape Viewing Experience

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- When I briefly mentioned Aeryn's prayers in "Prayer," I neglected to also say how strange it was to see Aeryn praying. She's never come across as a spiritual/religious individual; quite the opposite, in fact, and she of course would be the first to assert that herself. Strange indeed, but it also felt quite appropriate for the situation.
Not only that, but is should be noted that having Aeryn pray doesn't compromise her character. I've seen situations where a show makes a character do something unfamiliar that ultimately damages the character.

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- I think there are three lines in this episode that compete for "best line of the episode": ... "Are we cursed? Could we be cursed?!" On that last one, it's about time someone actually voiced that question, and my answer would be "you sure are."
It gets even better. In Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars, Chiana says "We're cursed, D'Argo. Everything we touch." These two quotes were my signature for a long time.

The show not only remembers small moments and character histories, it also remembers quotes. Compare the "Time" quotes between "Unrealized Reality" and The Peacekeeper Wars or Crichton remarking on fate when he and Aeryn crash in between two ridges on Moya in The Peacekeeper Wars, referring back to a moment early in season 1 (I don't recall which episode).

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- John really likes to blow dren up, doesn't he? Gammak base, Shadow Depository, Scarran Dreadnought, Katratzi... No wonder he's gained legendary status in the Territories.
I love how each season's ending (although not finale) escalates the level of destruction Crichton and company commits. Naturally, the mini-series takes it to a whole new level.

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- Of course, happiness on this show is so fleeting... Holy shit, I cannot believe that was how the series would have ended without PKW. That's frelling depressing as hell.
You can't begin to imagine the level of pain us fans felt at the time. We knew when the episode aired that the series was canceled. D'Argo's shrill was a mere echo of my own.
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