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Re: Favorite Voyager Videos

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If y'all liked that one, check out this one (also by Scorey).

Loved it!

Also love this on the sidebar... "Everybody loves Janeway" (I know I do!) Loved her eye rolls 1:10-1:18

J/C "If I never knew you" has long been a fav." Oh gosh, on the side bar was this one.

BLT-7's "Lessons Learned"

"I'll Be"... is the reason why I love Voyager so freaking much!

Original BSG vs TOS STAR TREK... "Are you kidding?"

Gosh I love Macrocosm!

Oh my... this was on the sidebar: El Tango de Roxanne, Not sure what to say about it but...

I forgot to list the vid on the sidebar that the previous J/C vid led me to... "I thought you knew"

I'll have to check out your new ones later.
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