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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

12. Faster: C
13. Romance: D (French film, subtitled)
14. YPF: C- (YPF=Young People F*&^ing)
15. The Beautiful Truth: B-

While waiting for DOOM to arrive I instantly watched this documentary last night. It's about the conspiracy theory behind how cancer is cureable and a Dr.Gerson, from the 40s Germany, found methods to push back and cure cancer, in any form. The concluding moment was how the Mayo Clinic would not comment and one of their doctors had left after witnessing a former patient in stage 4 be cured when given the Dr.Gerson method. I found the information interesting but the production values and choice of 'host' made for a lackluster presentation. My grade reflects that not the info itself. Still, having seen Food Inc and SuperSize Me back in '10 plus reading 'Skinny Bastard' I'm finding the idea of diet and manufactured foods debilitating results an intersting self study.
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