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Re: Doctor Who: The Figure Thread

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I feel Peri was choose as the first classics companion to be a figure because figures like Sarah and Jo would EASILY sell a lot, and they wanted to be sure other, lesser known companions would sell good too, so Character Options were testing the waters.
I can see Sarah selling well, but why do you think Useless would sell? I'd think she would rate right up there with figures of Sara Kingdom and Dodo.
Dunno, she was fairly popular (a lot more than her successor) in the series....not to mention one of the nicest looking ones (Nicola Bryant pretty much looks the same today as she did in 1984), it's a no brainer she'd probably sell good.....I mean Amy sold well, and I am sure a large number of male collectors bought her for pretty much the same reasons. I could see the Kiss-O-gram Amy selling just as good.

Now Mel and Adric, those figures might not be popular ones.
Uh... large numbers of male collectors buy the female companion figures because they want to perv out on them because the actress was attractive?

I just bought Peri to do my bit to support the classics line and as far as classic figures go, I guess I am a bit of a completest so I probably would buy Mel and Adric if I had the cash to waste.
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