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Re: Minecraft

Dead thread is ... not dead anymore! Thanks to me!

What projects are you guys doing in Minecraft lately?

I abandoned my bedrock mine (for now) and wandered off to dig out a 50x50 area from the sea level down to the bedrock. Basically, a big-ass quarry. There are bodies of water at two corners, which I'm expanding into a moat around it. The 50x50 is going to be the footprint for a castle. (My last one would've been 100x100, but that was too big, even for me.) At the bottom I am thinking of building a fancy glass pool, and since I'll have the whole thing dug out I can do many levels of crazy shit. Not sure what else I'll do yet, though I'm sure I want some mob grinders in the mix. I collected a few stacks of cacti (yes, stacks!) so I can start farming them.

I'll post pictures at some point, but right now it's just a hole in the ground, so who cares?

What are you guys doing? Anything?
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